Dazzle Beat is a well known name all over Portugal. This solo project was created by one of the members of Double Dose and the person behind is Bruno Fonseca, from Costa de Caparica, Portugal.
Professionaly this project has started in 2012 playing in one of the most legendary parties in the capital Lisbon and faster he started to play in all of the best parties around the country.
His favourite artists and the ones his sets are all about are Avalon, Sonic Species, Faders, Outsiders, GMS, Ananda Shake, Bizzare Contact and much much more.
Since 2012 Dazzle Beat had played in all the best parties as well as with the best artists worldwide, but was Freedom Festival 2015 that made him jump to the next level.
Let’s hope 2016 will be even better and Dazzle Beat can travel overseas!

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