Sick Addiction

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Sick Addiction is a unique fusion between 2 projects that couldn't be more apart musicaly , Tryambaka & D_Maniac ! The project started aproximadly in 2004 , after both artists colaborated in the making of 3 tracks , and having performed twice in a VS LIVE ACT, witch was something unusual at the time! The chemistry between then was too good to ignore, and soon after that the idea of combining their skills was clear for both! Tryambaka is known to have a dark and powerfull sound, with melancolic atmospheres and melodies, & D_Maniac creates a type of morning full on sound witch is ideal for dawn time in a dance floor! The inicial objective of Sick Addiction was to create music that would combine the unique sounds of each artist and form a music style that would fit in between, and basicly just satisfy the need of two good friends who love making music together.... This project has evolved , and the result is a powerfull night sound with deep and misterious melodies and ambiences!!



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